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Construction Act Compliance Review

Are your contracts, purchase orders and more ready for the new Construction Act in Ontario? will review, mark up and edit your contracts for compliance with the Act,   Our service includes full review, two rounds of mark-ups and a checklist with final version that you can share with the party you are contracting with confirming your review was completed by by Constructionlab. 


1. Do I need a lawyer to perform a review of my contracts? 

No, what most contractors, subcontractors, suppliers need is a person with a lot of construction industry experience who knows the real world of construction, not the theory of how it works from lawyers and solicitors

2. Will the review be certified legally?

No, while we stand behind our work and are insured professionally, we cannot offer strict legal advice pertaining to any particular case or situation.  

3. Does this require face to face meetings?

No, While we do love to meet our clients, and can arrange meetings in London, K-W, Toronto, and Ottawa where we deliver technical training often throughout the year, we can offer this service confidently on-line and with a few back and forth communications. 

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