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How Credits Work

Your subscription is comprised of credits, each credit represents a 10 minute interval.   Your credits purchased in either a support 30, 60, or 120 will never expire and you may transfer credits to anyone within your organization. 


Each task sent to will be given a ticket.   Your account will define the tickets and time allotted to each making it simple for you to disburse or account for each transaction if invoicing your clients.

Loyalty Program

Your second subscription purchase will automatically receive a 10% preferred customer discount.  That same 10% will be applied on a go forward basis every time you renew a subscription at any level, support 30, 60 or 120.


1. Since I disburse my expenses to my clients, will I have a summary of the credits I use and the clients they belong to?  Yes, each interaction results in a ticket.  That ticket has your client information on it, so you can track how much time was associated with that client.

2. How will I know the source of the solution to my question?   Each professional offering expertise will also sign off on your ticket, so you will know who and the credentials they offer according to the roster of experts at 

3. What if I do not use all of the credits I buy?   Your credits will never expire, and they also can be transferred to an associate or colleague, working in the same organization as you.   If you change employers, your credits follow whoever purchased them, so if it was the company, they remain with the company, if you solely purchased them, they follow you.   Your account details are available to you anytime. 

4. Can I receive a credit use estimate for a particular problem I need a solution for?    Yes!   Our high touch service allows us to estimate the number of credits it will take to solve the issue you have.   Our on-line form allows you to describe what challenge you have and we will respond with a credit use estimate usually the same day. 

30 I 60 I 120

Support 30


For the first time or single user, our 300 minute package is based on 30 credits at 10 minute intervals.  A great solution for construction adjudicators or 1 to 2 users.

$900.00 + HST

Support 60


For users engaged in construction professionally on a daily basis, our 600 minute package is based on 60 credits at 10 minute intervals.  A great monthly solution for your team of 2 to 5 adjudicators or association staff.

$1650.00 + HST

Support 120


Dramatically outperform expectations by using our full support service for construction professionals, owners, financiers, and design professionals. 1200 minutes is 120 credits at 10 minute intervals.

$2750.00 + HST

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